We are CMOO.

CMOO is a start-up company that develop and sell CMee products for the smart home automation. We simplify the way to control and monitor residential homes, utilizing existing infrastructure (no-new-wires), at affordable cost and easy installation.  We leverage the existing wires and enable IoT capabilities on the switch and bulb sides, this is done without the need for Neutral or Ground wires as well as no batteries at all.   CMee is an innovative patented technology for 1-wire closed circuit that can: • source DC power from standard lighting circuit • send controls and get ‘true indication’ • enable multiple sensors to control, monitor, save energy and other purposes • keep the normal operation of the wall switch (as before) while upgrade the devices to be an IoT compatible

CMOO’s vision – to become a leading technology providers of IoT accessories for the home




 Control anything from anywhere

 We bring to live the wall switch but give full control from mobile device



 Adding sensors for data monitoring in real time

 Very easy, more efficient and cheap


Enabling IoT

 Connect your home to IP cloud

 We give the power to make it happen

Many dollars in a glass jar isolated on white background

Saving cost

On installation: no need special wiring and it fits to any legacy infrastructure

On monthly bills: Intelligent accessories will take the right decision for you

Our Technology See how it works


  • Eli Ofek
    Eli Ofek CEO and Co-Founder

    As CEO and Co-Founder of CMOO Systems, Eli Ofek brings more than 20 years of experience in High-tech industries serving in executive management positions, marketing, R&D and product development roles to lead the company to growth and success.

  • Avi Avrahami
    Avi Avrahami VP R&D and Co-Founder

    As VP of R&D and Co-Founder of CMOO Systems, Avi Avrahami brings more than 20 years of experience in High-tech industries serving in executive R&D management positions and a consultant to major international companies.

  • Sylvain Abitbol
    Sylvain Abitbol Chairman

    As the chairman of the board, Sylvain brings many years of significant executive experience. Sylvain is a mechanical and industrial engineer from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.

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