Avi AvrahamiVP R&D and Co-Founder

As VP of R&D and Co-Founder of CMOO Systems, Avi Avrahami brings more than 20 years of experience in High-tech industries serving in executive R&D management positions and a consultant to major international companies.

Mr. Avi Avrahami was a consultant to major companies like Cadence Design Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries and many more with main consulting area in high speed mixed-signal designs. Mr. Avrahami was a self-employed consultant from 2009. Prior to that he was a Director of Hardware and Systems and Director of Operations at Valens Semiconductor Ltd from the company establishment at 2007. Prior to that he was the VP of R&D of Smart Link Ltd., the 3rd largest provider of Soft Modem chips in the world from 2002. At Smart Link Mr. Avrahami was in charge of VLSI, Hardware, Software and QA teams + contracts and cooperation with major players in the PC industry. Prior to that Mr. Avrahami was a hardware leader at Orckit Communications Ltd, a xDSL chip and system company from 1993. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the Open University and Practical hardware Engineer from Singalovski College in Tel-Aviv.