Revolutionary simplicity of IoT

CMee is our patented technology that seamlessly transforms any light switch or bulb into an IoT device without the need to change wires or use a battery. CMOO’s PeX and TeX modules allows to draw DC voltage to power up CPU, touch display and multiple sensors on both ends of the circuit. Hence we do away with the need for a neutral wire that typically doesn’t exist in the switch side. We don’t care which wireless radio is in use and let the different technologies to talk each other.

Typical wiring installation

With PeX & TeX (CMee units)

PeX is Power eXtraction unit and TeX is the Terminal eXtension. The modules enable to design CMee IoT products that control standard loads and IoT bulbs from anywhere at any time. Like leading smart plugs, CMee wall switch can support multiple new functions.Unlike other smart plugs out there, CMOO keeps the wall switch accessible and ready for use through the cloud 24/7, even if the switch is turned off.

Wall switch remain fully functional

To keep it simple and more intuitive, CMOO maintains the basic functionality of the switch while upgrading the devices to the latest IoT standard and making sure they are ‘always on’. CMee technology guarantees lowest cost and easiest installation for smart home DIY users.

IoT home concept with CMee

The bridge is needed for none Wi-Fi systems but the co-existence of multiple standards is possible using it. Our value proposition extends to light and shade circuits as well as other legacy devices. There is no limitation on loads. Using our CMee adaptor, you can control home appliances, alarm systems, door gates, HVAC systems and more.

Adding sensors / more loads

Alarm is received locally and remote

Adding multiple sensors on ceilings and walls is now easier than ever before. CMee controllers, adaptors or bulbs can manage multiple sensors that are connected to the cloud offering 24/7 mobile accessibility and control.